Good and Bad

The world is all good people, bad people
Good that do good and the bad that do bad

But also bad that do good and the good that do bad

Mr Jimmie Savile,

Good that did good, bad that did bad, good that did bad or bad that did good?

Can one persons bad be another persons good or one persons good another persons bad?
He is bad that did good but maybe that good was also bad

The good was used to distract from the bad which makes it bad

Or was the bad forced over the good?

Can a bad person really be bad if they
Don’t know what is bad is bad and what is good is good


or maybe there are some that are more good than others

The three conservative bears P.2

“Hm” mutters sharply

*Eat Eat Eat*


*Pour Pour Pour*

*Stir Stir Stir*


And tastes

“Yes!” nods


In comes the three conservative bears

*jumps in the shadows*

Sees the bears

Mouth waters

Eyes dilate

Palms sweat


“MINE!!” he pounces

Daylight draws to a close

Farage slides out…back home he returns.





The 3 Conservative Bears

BigĀ  BorisĀ Broom head bear

How do you like your porridge?

“My friend, I’ll have whatever Gove is having”


Little Michael Mongoose bear

How do you like your porridge?

“I like mine with a lot of Boris”


Dodgy David Deluded bear

How do you like your porridge?

“I shall have mine later with a generous helping of Brits ”


The porridge is still hot

Lets take a walk…


Mr Nigel Shady Farage smells the porridge